, Muskogee, OK

September 26, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – We need leadership, not apologies, excuses

— The presidential election campaign is again mired in misquotes and lack of substance. Romney’s “victims” remark brought out a concern that many Americans voice today. Instead of actually debating that or any other issue of substance, Romney apologizes; Obama says only he can understand “those people.”

This is my problem with this campaign: With the implementation of Obama’s government give-away policies, it is becoming socially acceptable to receive handouts from the government from the cradle to the grave. While welfare, food stamps and allowable tax deductions have carried good, hard-working people over financial crises (including me, when I was a single mother of five), one’s goal was always to be a hard-working, responsible, contributing American.  Today, people are beginning to feel slighted and “victims” if they don’t consistently get the government support to which they feel entitled. Americans’ creativity, energy and drive has made us a great nation, not a sense of entitlement.

If Romney would like to propose a different kind of America than a government-centered society under Obama, he needs to stop apologizing for clearly stating what exists when a president thinks the citizens of America are too weak to handle any responsibility, or have any resiliency or tenacity. Understanding those in need is not solving the problems that exist in our country today. Could we actually hear or see some debates that discuss how we could solve our problems? Surely someone thinks that Americans are intelligent and strong enough to solve the issues that confront us. We need leadership, not apologies or excuses.



Fort Gibson