, Muskogee, OK

October 17, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – Charging visitors not good for city

— Recently I went to the Muskogee V.A. Hospital to see my primary care doctor because I am disabled. Usually afterwards my wife and I go out to eat and shop in Muskogee. We do this all the time because we live in Wagoner and a lot of things we need are not here in this small town. Once in awhile we’ll go to church there also.

Last week while in Muskogee we needed to use the Muskogee Public Library computer so my wife could put an application in on a web site to get a job in Muskogee County. While at the front desk of the library we asked if we could use the computer for an application to be placed on a website. The lady said “yes you can.” Next the lady asked us where we lived, I said Wagoner. The lady said that will be $10 because we lived in Wagoner, not Muskogee. I was shocked and said I was born in Wagoner, went to school in Muskogee, joined the U.S. Army in Muskogee and served my country during the Vietnam War and you are going to charge me $10 because I live in Wagoner? What a joke, what kind of crap is this? She said sorry so we left.

I thought to myself, what’s Muskogee going to do next? Charge me for parking anywhere or charge me for the air I breathe or a visitor fee because I’m from another town in Oklahoma. Muskogee talks about bringing business and visitors here, what an impression. Thanks a lot, Muskogee, for nothing.