, Muskogee, OK

March 26, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Park group deserves a say in all decisions

— I am writing on behalf of the Robison Park Association, (formerly Midland Valley Community Association), a current and registered non-profit with the State of Oklahoma, with residents and donor members.

As an Association, we have worked very hard to provide a safe, functional and beautiful full-use public park for our local community and the County of Muskogee. Mr. Ruby is even impressed with our enthusiasm and determination for a beautified project.

In June last year, local residents, visiting the improvements to the park, questioned me why our historic park name was being changed from Robison to Ruby Park. It is more fitting to publicly respond in writing with historical details. At the time, I explained Kim Lynch had approached me casually about changing the name to Ruby Park; Mark Wilkerson followed up informing me the name change was confirmed. Since the late 1990's, in spite of a formal blueprint developed, the city didn't have funding for the project. By 2005, our Association realized the community needed help.  We stepped up and through our group efforts, working with advisement from Muskogee Nonprofit Association, have a nearly completed project today.  

In 2005, we researched history, photographed, and documented while providing to Muskogee Parks Department the many phases delineated. We appeared at City Planning and Council meetings to encourage public oversight of invested funds, while ensuring our children would be safe from accidents or harm at our park. Our association has all historical records of all improvements, contracts, and funding sources, a complete file of improvements to Robison Park. The timeline of events, the influx of funding and the source of those monies present a factual history and a guideline. It demonstrates our commitment to the finalized project and we believe we should have a voice in all decisions, past, present and future.  

We are limited (350 words), a follow-up timeline is next. Please take this opportunity to respond as a community by expressing your opinions and/or questions in writing. Thank you.


Robison Park