, Muskogee, OK

November 12, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Reader pleased with column about OG&E

— I was pleased to see the recent editorial from Whitney Pearson of the Sierra Club. My wife and I live close to the OG&E coal plant here in Muskogee, and say my own experience in the stories Pearson recounted in her piece. In Muskogee, the wind blows out of the ESE 95 percent of the time, meaning the northeast quadrant of the town is exposed to the sulfur dioxide pollutants on a daily basis.

I always thought I had allergies and they seemed to be getting worse and worse, and no longer tied to a season. When I travel out of Muskogee, and get away from the pollution blowing from the smoke stacks over my home, my allergies disappear. Now I believe what I suffer from isn’t allergies at all, it pain and discomfort from breathing coal pollution everyday.

I love living in Muskogee, so I sincerely hope OG&E makes the right call and works to retire the Muskogee plant.