, Muskogee, OK

February 9, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Baker, Crittenden make nation own playground

— Bill John Baker and Joe Crittenden have transformed the Cherokee Nation into a personal playground and financial honey pot for them and their friends and relatives, at the expense of the Cherokee people. This administration is indeed keeping its promises, but only to supporters and family members. Don’t be surprised if they continue to grab what they can for themselves and lead us into another dark and dirty mess like they did in the late 1990s. The administration is:

• Shamelessly taking credit for the few positives that have come about during his tenure, most of which were initiated during the previous administration, such as Cherokee being incorporated into Windows 8.

• Initiating a loss of transparency on hiring relatives by not disclosing the inherent conflicts of interest.

• Showing an utter disregard and contempt for CN Human Resources policies, the Constitution, and the Cherokee people in general and apparently laying the groundwork to start revoking tribal citizenship of some of their opponents.

• Boasting about selling the airplane and closing the Washington office but spending most of his time traveling to places like Russia and other far-flung destinations.

• Implementing staff and budget cuts at the Heritage Center, Cherokee Phoenix, Markoma and other important CN entities.

• Building only 17 of the 300 homes promised, and constructing them with substandard materials that will not last.

Cherokee voters must remember how they have been used and deceived when they have the chance this summer to vote Hargis, Byrd, Snell, Hoskin, and Thornton off the council. These councilors are part of Baker’s Gang of Ten “yes men” who shamelessly rubber stamp and perpetuate the administration’s self-serving agenda without any regard for the best interest of the people they are supposed to be serving.