December 13, 2013

Hilldale crowns basketball homecoming queen

December 13, 2013 By E.I. Hillin Phoenix Staff Writer

Getting dressed up and being escorted as Hilldale basketball homecoming queen isn’t the first thing on senior Julie Plunkett’s mind.

“I’m nervous. It’s a home basketball game,” Plunkett said.

“I think she would rather be up there in her basketball jersey,” said her mother, Michele Plunkett.

Julie was in the spotlight Friday in the Hilldale gymnasium wearing her shimmering, white strapless gown.

Being in a jersey seems to be the preference for Julie over getting her hair and makeup done.

“My friends helped me get ready,” Julie said.

It took Julie  two hours to complete her hair and makeup for the homecoming assembly.

“Getting her to foo-foo was a little unusual. That’s not her usual,” Michele Plunkett said.

Julie got her dress from Crowning Moments in Muskogee.

“She went and picked out dresses and sent me pictures, and she picked that one,” Michele Plunkett said.

Julie has attended Hilldale four and a half years. In her biography, announced during the ceremony, Julie listed playing basketball, hanging out with her vo-tech family, and having a good time are some of her favorite things.

Her future plans include going to college, getting her master’s degree and becoming a physical therapist.

While the girls felt pre-homecoming game nerves. Their escorts remained cool and collected.

Julie’s escort, senior Hunter Howe, didn’t seem nervous at all.

“I’m ready,” Howe said.

Being picked as the homecoming queen’s escort was a surprise for Howe. The boys and girls on the Hilldale basketball team vote for the queen and her escort.

“I didn’t expect to get it,” he said.

Picking out his wardrobe was not a stressful process for Howe.

“My mom helped me with it all. I think she is nervous too,” he said.

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