, Muskogee, OK

January 7, 2014

Meth counts possible against woman

By Josh Newton

— TAHLEQUAH — Tahlequah detectives say a woman jailed last week on a warrant could now face charges of endeavoring to manufacture methamphetamine after a one-pot lab was found in her home.

Leah Michelle Dewitt-Henderson, 32, was arrested on New Year’s Eve at a home on East Fifth Street when Officer Jake Keys went to her home to serve a failure-to-pay warrant.

Court records show that Dewitt-Henderson was charged in June 2013 with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and larceny of merchandise from a retailer. She later pleaded guilty and received a five-year deferred sentence, but a warrant was issued Dec. 20 after she failed to pay her fines.

After Dewitt-Henderson was arrested on Dec. 31, a caretaker of the property began to secure the home and noticed multiple syringes, metal spoons and plastic bottles containing a white substance in the home. Police were notified, and Detectives Elden Graves and Bryan Swim responded.

Graves said detectives located the items, along with a plastic bottle containing a white chunk substance believed to be methamphetamine. The bottle was partially visible as it sat inside a woman’s purse, Graves said in his request for a search warrant.

Authorities obtained the search warrant and collected a 20-ounce bottle with the white substance; a 10-ounce plastic bottle with a two-layer liquid; a plastic bag with a white powder residue; a spoon containing a cloudy liquid and wet cotton; burnt aluminum foil pieces; several pills; and a needle cap with a piece of cotton.

A judge ordered Dewitt-Henderson to pay $200 cash before her release on the failure-to-pay warrant, records show. Detectives were working to add charges against her of endeavoring to manufacture meth and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Josh Newton writes for the Tahlequah Daily Press.