, Muskogee, OK

June 29, 2013

Attorney earns award for indigent defense

— Muskogee attorney Roger Hilfiger was awarded Friday the 2013 John Adams Award for Outstanding Service as an Oklahoma Indigent Defense System contract attorney.

“Mr. Hilfiger has provided our clients exemplary service on a consistent basis,” according to a media release from Tim Laughlin, chief of the Non-capital Trial Division of the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System. “He truly works as hard for his OIDS clients as he does his private pay clients. He is the rare combination of a seasoned professional and an avid student of the law. His enthusiasm for criminal defense, whether in public service or as privately retained counsel, is evident in the way he advocates for all of his clients regardless of the charges they face.”

OIDS provides indigent individuals trial-level legal representation in several ways. The bulk of clients are represented by lawyers who serve our clients under annual county contracts. Hilfiger has been the primary contractor for Muskogee and Haskell counties for many years.

Laughlin praised Hilfiger’s “tenacious trial advocacy.” He said Hilfiger’s commitment benefited Elbert Lee Meeks, who was tried for first-degree murder of a 2-year-old child on the Spring Muskogee County jury docket.

“Over the course of a five-day jury trial, Hilfiger demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Meeks’ interests,” Laughlin wrote. “Hilfiger went to exceptional lengths to ensure that Meeks received a fair trial in a contentious and emotionally charged case. Hilfiger demonstrated his superior trial skills in collecting, organizing and presenting cell phone and computer usage records in support of Meeks’ alibi. The jury deliberated for less than 30 minutes before returning a verdict of not guilty.”