, Muskogee, OK

April 4, 2013

Bare Bones Film Festival opens today

Movie buffs will find variety of fare to view

By Wendy Burton
Phoenix Staff Writer

— Film aficionados will find everything from ants to zombies at the Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival, which begins today.

“Bored Games” will be shown at 7 p.m. today at the Roxy Theater, along with “So This is Christmas,” a family feature movie. The festival continues through April 14 with short films, feature films, music videos and more.

Bare Bones, which began 14 years ago, is a large gathering of independent filmmakers sharing everything from seven-minute “shorts” to feature-length movies and music videos at various locations around Muskogee, said Creative Director and Founder ShIronbutterfly Ray.

“This is not Hollywood, not funded by a big studio,” Ray said. “These filmmakers, which come from all over the world, create their films by any means necessary. They are the writers, producers, directors, actors — everything — to their own films.”

Ray said the Bare Bones festival is a way for up and coming filmmakers to market themselves, get audience feedback and a way for Muskogee to make them feel welcome.

“We’re known as the friendliest festival, because we treat everybody like somebody,” Ray said.

This year’s festival features a wide variety of genres at a wide variety of locations.

Among the returning favorites, Ray said, are Janet Mayson with a Libby Girl short film featuring her three pups and their imaginary antics while Mayson is away from home.

Ray said the festival showings vary in ratings from G for family-friendly to M/A for mature audiences-only, and the locations vary as well.

From the public library to a local bar and grill, the Roxy Theater, a local hotel and the Three Rivers Museum, films will screen all over town.

Friday’s events include script readings for comedy/romance, several feature films and shorts, music videos and a feature thriller at the Roxy Theater and a Zombie-Vampire Luau Party at Max’s Garage for those 21 and over.

Saturday features Kids Fest in the morning at the Roxy, more films and music videos, and a seminar called “20 Ways to Ruin Your Great Indie Film” for aspiring filmmakers.

Feature family films will show at the Muskogee Public Library beginning at 11 a.m. Saturday, while short, informative documentaries will air at Three Rivers Museum in the afternoon.

The festival continues with events every day through April 14. A full schedule can be found at

A special event this year will be held at 7 p.m. April 11 at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame where actor Clu Gulager will be honored with a lifetime achievement award, and his son, filmmaker John Gulager, also will be honored.

Another special event, being held at 7 p.m. April 12, is “Unmask the Pain with Movies & Music,” being held at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Tickets are $10 for individuals or $50 for group tables, and the event includes several short film screenings, performances by Glitter Rose, Janet Mayson, Hunter Gotcher and more.

Ticket prices for most showings are $10, which allows the purchaser to spend the entire day or evening at the venue watching films, music and shows, Ray said.

Some events cost more, some are advance purchase only.

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If you go

WHAT: Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival.

WHERE: Various times and locations around Muskogee. See website for schedule.

WHEN: Today through April 14.

INFORMATION: or (918) 616-1264.


Today — Opening night at 7 p.m. at the Roxy, opening movie “So This is Christmas.”

April 5 — Seminars, live script reads/auditions at the Roxy Theater, Zombie-Vampire Luau Party for 21-and-over at Max’s Garage.

April 6 — Kids Fest, live script reads/auditions and Youth Fest, mixed genre movies at the Roxy. Music Doc Fest, Foreign-language films at Muskogee Public Library. “Just Crazy Enough” at Three Rivers Museum.

April 7 — Screenwriters roundtable discussion and Indie Auteur Panel #1 at the Quality Inn.

April 9 — Student Fest, open genre shorts, “Red Cloud: Deliverance” at Fairfield Inn.

April 10 — Documentary Film Fest, “Cardboard Bernini” at the Muskogee Public Library.

April 11 —Alive script reads/auditions at Muskogee Public Library. Music documentary “Discoverdale,” Clu Gulager tribute, Rat Scratch Fever at Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

April 12 — Live script reads/auditions, Indie Auteur Panel #2, music documentaries, “UnMasking the PAIN of Domestic Violence,” feature family film “Hiding in Plain Sight,” and late-night zombie movies at the Roxy.

April 13 — Azalea Parade with Grand Marshal Clu Gulager, chili cook-off, Muskogee to Nutbush Concert and music documentary, thrillers/horror/gore “Blood at the Roxy,” at the Roxy Theater.

April 14 — Bonehead Awards Gala/Red Carpet event, interviews, photos and live music.