April 4, 2013

Big variety of artworks put in show

Five Civilized Tribes Museum displays dozens of entries

April 4, 2013 By Cathy Spaulding Phoenix Staff Writer

— A delicately colored graphic by California artist Gerald Stone took Best of Show at the Art Under the Oaks Competitive Art Show.

The show runs through April 30 at Five Civilized Tribes Museum.

Museum Director Mary Robinson said the show features 93 pieces including graphics, painting, basketry, pottery, sculpture, beadwork and fabrics.

“What has been most pleasing is that in addition to our returning artists, we have new names and faces,” she said.

Stone, who lives in Citrus Heights, Calif., won Best of Show and best in graphics with his graphic “Raven in The House of Underwater Panther.”

Robinson said Stone is a Seminole. His Facebook page lists his hometown as Konawa.

“All of the entries are beautiful,” Robinson said. “The show is such a compilation of different arts.”

Winners were announced at a reception this week.

This is the first year the museum’s Art Under the Oaks has featured a monthlong art show. In previous years, the event took place during an April weekend and featured storytelling and crafts.

Robinson said all entries will be on display through April in the museum’s second-floor gallery.

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If you go

WHAT: Art Under the Oaks art show.

WHEN: Through April.

WHERE: Five Civilized Tribes Museum, 1101 Honor Heights Drive.

Art Under the Oaks Competitive Art Show winners

• Best of Show — “Raven in The House of Underwater Panther” by Gerald Stone.

• Basketry/Traditional — First place, “Honeysuckle Basket” by Teresa Million; second place, “Possibles” by Ronda Moss; and “Gifts From The River” by Susan Locks Charlesworth. Honorable Mention went to “Fall’s Bounty” by Joann Rackliff Richmond, “Natures Harvest” by Juanita Hermanns, and “Gathering Pecans” by Ronda Moss.

• Basketry/ Commercial — First place, “Southeastern Mat” by Mary Smith; second place, “Continuous Twill Field Basket” by Susan Locke Charlesworth; third place, “Granny’s Doublewall” by Bessie Russell. Honorable mention were “Trail of Crosses” by Rose Drake; “Black and White - A Keeping Basket” by Carlene Wiley; and “Sun Set” by Katherine Rackliff.

• Beadwork/Commercial — First place, “Woodland Fantasy Old and New” by Shirley Sims; second place, “Creek Bandolier Bag” by Mary Smith; “The Hands That Fed Us” by Carolyn Pallett. Honorable mention were “Georgia Squatters 1830” by Karen Coody Cooper; “Grandpa’s Right Hand” by Judge Blossom; and “Peace” by Rebecca Martin.

• Painting — First place, “Wash Day” by Max “Huckleberry” Beshears; second place, “Spring 1839 Rebirth” by Jerry Sutton; third place, “Cherokee 1730” by Gebon Barnoskie. Honorable mention were “Sharing Secrets” by Verna Bates; “Spring Creek” by Dino “Oogeloot” Kingfisher; and “Ribbon Dance” by Douglas Crowder II.

• Textiles — First place, “Pink Dogwood” by Bessie Russell; second place, “Feather Mantle” by Lisa Rutherford; third place, “Shoulder Bag” by Sandy Fife Wilson. Honorable mention were “Cherokee Tear Dress” by Frances A. Donelson; “Granny’s Apron” by Carlene Wiley; and “Seven Turtles” by Janet L. Smith.

• Jewelry — First place, “Shell Gorget” by Daniel Bigay; second  place, “Spotted Eagle” by Sandy Fife Wilson.

• Graphic — First place, “Raven in The House of Underwater Panther” by Gerald Stone; second place, “Stickballing Bears” by Douglas Crowder II; third place, “Wisdom” by Gary Deerinwater. Honorable mention is “Through My Eyes” by Mary Beth Nelson; and “The Game is The Thing” by Robin Stockton.

• Pottery/Wheel Thrown — First place, “Snake Clan” by Mike Daniel; second place, “Dragonfly Dance” by Mel Cornshucker; third place, “Night Sky” by Mel Cornshucker.

• Pottery/Hand Built — First place, “Birdman Pitcher” by Scott Roberts; second place, “A New Dawn” by Joann Rackliff Richmond; third place, “Seven Clans Bowl” by Gerald Hurt. Honorable mention was “Weedon Island Duck” by Scott Robert.

• Cultural Items — First place, “Warrior’s Return” by Curt Sewell; second place, “Double Eagle Flute” by Daniel Bigay; third place, “Half Cherokee” by Verna Bates. Honorable mention was “Red Heart” by Lisa Rutherford.

• Sculpture — First place, “Cherokee Woman Carrying Tradition” by Troy Jackson; second place, “You See What I See, You Can’t Feel What I Feel” by Dan Corley; third place, “Red Slider” by Ben Sparks. Honorable mention were “Owwatta Yanash (Buffalo Hunt)” by Lance Straughn; and “The Encounter” by Lance Straughn.

• Miniature — First place, “Baby Locks” by Ronda Moss; second place, “Bird Effigy” by Mary Smith; third place, “Herman” by Joann Rackliff Richmond. Honorable mention were “Sleeping Fawn” by Jerry Sutton; and “Trickster Rabbit” by Robin Stockton.

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