, Muskogee, OK

October 1, 2013

No retrial for Conard in 2000 murder

— A Muskogee judge denied a second jury trial Monday for a man sentenced for a 2000 murder.

Jerry Conard Jr. shook his head when Muskogee County District Judge Thomas Alford denied his post-conviction relief request. Conard, 32, was convicted and sentenced in the May 21, 2000, shooting death of Patrick Allen Brown. His sentence remains life in prison without parole.

Michael Gay, 31, Ronald Benny Gomez, 29, and Brian Chism, 32, were also convicted of what was described as a robbery gone awry. The alleged shooter, Jamal Wilson, was found not guilty in 2001.

Conard’s defense attorney, R. Jay Cook, argued court-appointed counsel did not present a defense. Cook said Conard’s attorney failed to call additional witnesses or move to suppress statements during the trial.

“There’s not enough here to indicate to me that the outcome would have been any different,” said Alford after looking over the case in court.