, Muskogee, OK

November 7, 2012

Fisher, Ledbetter win in sheriffs’ races

Incumbents in Cherokee, McIntosh counties victorious

By Dylan Goforth
Phoenix Staff Writer

— Incumbent sheriffs in Cherokee and McIntosh counties easily claimed Tuesday’s general election.

Norman Fisher defeated V. Kevin McFarland in Cherokee County, earning a third term as sheriff, and Kevin Ledbetter topped Cliff Sinyard in McIntosh County. Ledbetter won a special election in 2010, and completed his first general election victory Tuesday.

Leading up to the election, Fisher said he had made good on promises he made in 2004, and hoped to continue battling the county’s drug and burglary problem.

Fisher nabbed 9,287 votes, or 67.7 percent, more than doubling McFarland’s total, 4,421 votes, or 32.3 percent.

In securing the victory, Fisher thanked the county which gave him his third term as sheriff.

“There’s a lot of good people in this county, and we’re going to do everything we can for them,” Fisher said. “I’m tickled. I feel blessed to have another term. We’ve put a lot of hard work into this here, but anything good is worth fighting for.

“This was a long, drawn- out election ... it takes a toll on you after a while.”

Ledbetter grabbed 5,527 votes, or 78.6 percent in McIntosh County, cruising to his first full term, knocking off Sinyard, a longtime law enforcer and former Muskogee County sheriff.

“I’d like to thank the citizens of McIntosh County for their continued support,” Ledbetter said. “I’m very proud of the positive campaign we ran this year.”

Sinyard earned 1,105 votes, or 21.4 percent.

Ledbetter said his initial plan would be to increase the number of deputies in the county, and looked forward to moving forward from the election process.

“It’s been a long season, and I’m glad to be able to put it behind us and get back to work,” Ledbetter said.

Sinyard echoed Ledbetter’s statement.

“It was probably the cleanest race I’ve ever been a part of,” Sinyard said. “(Kevin) is a good man. He’ll do good for McIntosh County. We both just want the best for the people, and if I can help him in any way, I’d be happy to. I have some things I could pass on to him.”  

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Unofficial results

Cherokee County

With 24 of 24 precincts reporting:

• Norman Fisher, 9,287, 67.7 percent

• V. Kevin McFarland, 4,421, 32.3 percent.

McIntosh County

With 15 of 15 precincts reporting:

• Kevin Ledbetter, 5,527, 78.6 percent

• Cliff Sinyard, 1,505, 21.4 percent.