, Muskogee, OK

April 15, 2014

At a glance — Muskogee Board of Education

— At its regular meeting Tuesday, the Muskogee Board of Education approved:


A.    Minutes of Previous Meeting — March 11 Regular Meeting.

B. Checks for March encumbrances/invoices:  AP, Checks # 20144145 to 20144645, $2,917,073.14; PR, Checks #1400028-1400032, $4,006.82; DD's, # 1456632 to 1457568, $1,682,371.64.

C.    Schedule of Encumbrances, Numbered 21405224 to 21405843, $8,622,413.85.

D.    Operating & Investment Funds, March 1-31, 2014 — 1. Operating Account, $ 5,667,595.98; 2. Investment Account, $ 0.00.   

E.    Financial Report — 1. FY 2014 Expense/Revenue Report; 2. FY 2014 Activity Fund; 3. FY 2014 Balance Sheet.

F.    PO's over $3,500/$10,000 (per fund)

21405283 Zahourek Systems, Inc., 11, $5,450.42, Anatomy Clay

21405302 NAB, $4,047, conference Registration

21405307 CPM Educational Products, $8,028.44, Classroom Materials

21405314 Teachers' Retirement System, $12,368.01, federal Match TRS Tax

21405351 Educational Design, $7,080, conference Registration

21405427 Children's Specialties Inc., $6,178, Dome/Table BFSA Garden

21405443 JA of Eastern OK, $11,200, Registration JA Biz Town

21405444 B & M Oil, $16,000, Diesel

21405482 OSU Residential Life conference, $6,744.75, Housing Special Olympics

21405516 United Systems Inc., $6,772.50, Classroom Equipment

21405592 AAA Travel Agency, $3,567.50, Airfare NSBA conference

21405596 TigerDirect Inc., $3,745.69, Technology Supplies

21405616 Perma-Bound Books, $3,823.15, Classroom Books

21405617 NCS Pearson, $77,786.60, 1:1 Final Installment

21405707 Constellation Newenergy, $50,000, Energy Wheeling

21405708 Sunbelt Staffing, $12,000, Contracted Speech Therapy

21405709 DCI Communications Inc., $26,026.90, Cables & Supplies

21405711 ONG, $10,000, Natural Gas utility

21405767 Perma-Bound Books, $5,535.60, Classroom Libraries

21405768 CPM Educational Programs, $4,791.20, Classroom Materials

21405722 United Systems Inc., $5,805, Classroom Technology

21405782 Lowe's of Muskogee, $3,637.78, Garden soil, water hoses, misc.

21405800 B & M Oil, $16,000, Diesel

21405801 B & M Oil, $10,000, Gas

21405803 United Systems Inc., $13,545, Computers , MHS Engineering

21405829 Red Carpet Charters, $5,848, Sadler Summer Trip

21405840 Capstone Press, $19,063.52, Library Books

21405273 Alpha Foods Co., 22    $7,675.07, Grocery Order

21405275 Pierre Foods Inc., $3,641.55, Grocery Order

21405421 James Hodge Ford, $19,626, CNS Van

21405564 TigerDirect Inc., $5,907.34, Scanner

21405573 Ecolab Inc., $4,500, Chemicals

21405574 3 Rivers Auto Collision, $6,000, Van Repair

21405684 Jennie-o-Turkey, $4,999.40, Grocery Order

21405445 Williams Contracting, 27, $340,522, RAA

21405446 Oakridge Builders, $3,621,000, AR Math & Science

21405447 Hemphill Services, $2,627,500, MHS Athletic Facility

21405448 Builders Unlimited, $1,182,310.63, MHS Vocational Bldg.

21405618 James Hodge Ford, 28, $46,000, Band Box Van

21405842 United Systems Inc., $23,523.33, Network workstations

G Activity Fund Transfer.

H. Policies on Sanctioning, IHE - Magnet Schools.

I. Budget — Public Hearing .

J. Contract — Kerry John Patten, CPA, LLC, 2014 audit, $30,350; Career Tech Contract; Venters Grant Writing, American Fidelity Admin. Services - ACA (approx. $2,600).

K. Bids    #1413 Indian Bowl Scoreboard  — Reject all. 31414 Cherokee Re-roof, Standard Roofing,  $763,632.

L. Sale Bonds — Board to consider and take action on a resolution determining the maturities of and setting a special board meeting for noon, May 15 for the sale of the $3,570,000 General Obligation Combined Purpose Bonds of the School District.

M. Royalties — CVS; Walmart.

N. Surplus — Declare vehicles surplus to District needs - 8830, 9241, 9431 (not running).


Upon return from executive session consider:

A. Personnel recommendations (names listed below) being presented for the resignation, termination, or employment of staff members, with vote to be taken after return to Open Session.

• Transportation staff (as-needed basis for summer 2014) — Donna Allen, Bruce Hampton, Randy Pofahl, Jason Smith, Rachel Boling, Ernestine Harrison, Linda Portis, Nathaniel Stanford, Debra Brackeen, Carol Hudson, Linda Pruitt, Sam Taylor, Sheila Butler, Kevin Jones, Adrian Richardson, Melanie Thompson, Vicki    Conley, Betty Lacey, Kelly Robinson,    Connie Toepel, Patrick Deighan, Daryl Lee, Jason Rush, Daniel Vankirk, Bridgett Ellis, Hershel Mayle, Tim Slape, Mark Walters, Steve Goad, Gil Mayo, Brad Smythe, Angie Watson, Margaret Green, Amy Pearl, Bobby Smith, Keith Winburn.

B. Family Medical Leave - Certified — Carol White, Teacher, JDC, effective 1-10-14 up to 12 weeks intermittently.

C. Retirement - Certified — Beverly Boyer, 5th Grade Teacher, Creek, effective 7-1-2014; Mary Jo Posey, 4th Grade Teacher, Grant Foreman, effective 6-1-2014; Rosie Spriggs, Teacher Trainer, Pershing, effective 6-1-2014; Mary Malone, Counselor, RAA, effective 6-11-2014; Willie Price, Business/Technology Teacher, MHS, effective 6-1-2014.

D. Resignation - Certified — Brian Hobbs, 7th Grade self-contained, RAA, effective 6-1-2014; Audra Long, Reading Teacher, ARJH, effective 6-1-2014; Laura Bishop, Science Teacher, MHS, effective 6-1-2014; Janet Stowers, Special Education Teacher, MHS, effective 6-1-2014.

E. Employment - Certified - Temporary — Christina Green, Speech Language Pathologist, BFSA, effective 2014-2015; Joe Brown, 7/8th Grade Self-contained Teacher, RAA, effective 2014-2015; Khrista Meyer, Biology Teacher, MHS, effective 2014-2015; Lauren Stanley, Biology Teacher, MHS, effective 2014-2015; Jill Stone, Science, MHS, effective 2014-2015; EuJeanna Teague, Special Education Teacher, MHS, effective 2014-2015; Mark Colvin, GT teacher, BFSA, effective 2014-2015.

F. Employment - Certified — Natasha Wilson, Math, MHS, effective 2014-2015.

G. Employment - Certified - Temporary - Extra duty — Math, Tyler Cramer, ARJH, $25/hr; Science, Erin Davis, ARJH, $25/hr; Language Arts, Keli Wilbourn, ARJH, $25/hr; Social Studies, Kevin Hogue, MHS, $25/hr; Language Arts, Kyra Swift, MHS, $25/hr; Math, Curtis Waltman, MHS, $25/hr; Science, Derek Weldon, MHS, $25/hr.

Summer Pride director — Rafe Watkins, MHS, $10,000.

Coordinators — Academic Coordinator, Clayton Blevins, MHS, $20/hr; Strength Coordinator, Jason Medrano, MHS, $20/hr;     Speed Coordinator, David Heath, MHS, $20/hr; Activity Coordinator, Jim Platter, MHS, $20/hr; Career Ed/Wellness, Whitney Padgett, MHS, $20/hr; Nutrition Manager, Josh Berry, MHS, $20/hr.

Assistant coordinators     — Speed, Adam Pemberton, MHS, $20/hr;     Speed, Doyle Rowland, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, Brenton Duncan, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, Scott Sapulpa, MHS, $20/hr.

Strength training instructors — Speed, David Bandy, MHS, $20/hr; Speed, Damon Beckers, MHS, $20/hr; Speed, Rusty Bradley, MHS, $20/hr; Speed, Curt Denton, MHS, $20/hr; Speed, Aaron Hobbs, MHS, $20/hr; Speed, Shawn Riley, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, Richard Agee, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, John Graham, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, Jeremy Griffin, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, John Hammer, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, Derek Weldon, MHS, $20/hr; Strength, Don Yates, MHS, $20/hr.

Aide — Strength, Keith Coleman, MHS, $15/hr; Jr. High, Boys, Darrin Reeves, MHS, $15/hr.

Supervisors — Elementary, Heidi Flanary, MHS, $20/hr; High School, Boys, Myles Thomas, MHS, $20/hr; High School, Girls, Shonika Breedlove, MHS, $20/hr.

Academic instructors — English, Raytosha Craft, MHS, $20/hr; English, Sally Denton, MHS, $20/hr; English, Lori Jefferson, MHS, $20/hr; English, Kelli Wilbourn, MHS, $20/hr; Math, Cody Autrey, MHS, $20/hr; Math, Andrae Freeman, MHS, $20/hr; Math, Lisa Napier, MHS, $20/hr.

Summer school

Elementary — Kim Davison, first Grade, $25/hr; Angela Johnson, first Grade, $25/hr; Cindy Seitz, first Grade, $25/hr; Sheila Rolland, second grade, $25/hr; Lora Reavis, second Grade, $25/hr; Annie Stevenson, second Grade, $25/hr; Jackie Chapman, third Grade, $25/hr; Jenny Jamison, third Grade, $25/hr; Jennifer Norwood, third Grade, $25/hr; Ramelle Roberts, third Grade, $25/hr.

Secondary — Driver's Education, Coleman Hughes, MHS, $25/hr; Driver's Education, Scott Schroder, MHS, $25/hr; English, Lisa Dotson, MHS, $25/hr; English, Rory Lynch, MHS, $25/hr; Math, Blane Burge, MHS, $25/hr; Math, Winter Marshall-Allen, MHS, $25/hr.

Title I tutor — Cheryll Hallum, Pershing, $25/hr.

H. Family medical leave - Support — Pamela Jenkins, Paraprofessional, BFSA, effective 3-26-2014 through 5-7-2014; Jay Stephens, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective 12-20-2013 up to 12 weeks; Mark Walters, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective 3-26-2014 thru 4-19-2014; Sherrie Pofahl, bus assistant, effective 3-24-14; Ron Remer, police officer, MHS, effective 4-30-2014.

I. Abandonment of position - Support — Linzee Custer, Office Assistant, Whittier, effective 4-8-2014; Tami Shamblin, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective 4-8-2014.

J. Retirement - Support — Donald Jones, 6hr CNS Associate, MHS, effective 1-31-2014.

K. Termination - Support — Carrie Jackson, 6hr CNS Associate, MHS, effective 3-11-2014.

L. Resignation - support — Keli Miles, CNS Manager, Irving, effective 6-1-2014; Ashley Brown, Office Assistant, Pershing, effective 4-8-2014; Inez Lopez, 6hr CNS Associate, Pershing, effective 3-27-2014; Jay Stephens, bus driver.

M. Employment - Support — Shelly Sinnett, Federal Grants Secretary, BEST Center, effective 4-16-2014; Phyllis Thompson, Custodian, Harris-Jobe, effective 3-12-2014; Karen Felts - finance secretary - MHS - effective 4-16-2014.

N. Employment - support - temporary - extra duty —

•  Summer Pride - Aides — Speed, Anthony McNac, MHS, $15/hr; Jr. High, Girls    Rudel Wilson, MHS, $15/hr; Academic, Aaron Daniels, Lay, MHS, $15/hr; Academic, Robert Dubose, MHS, $15/hr.

• Substitutes — Jarrod Adair, MHS, $15/hr; Andrew Coker, MHS, $15/hr; Prentiss McNac, MHS, $15/hr; Lloyd Moss, Lay, MHS, $15/hr.

• Supervisors — Elementary, Trey Rhoades, MHS, $15/hr.

O. Employment - salaried support — Scott Meyer, System Application Specialist, BEST Center,effective 6-2-2014; TBA, Drill Instructor, RAA.

P. Employment - administration - summer - temporary - extra duty — David Shouse, Summer School Principal, Elementary, effective 6-2-2014 thru 6-26-2014; Kim Fleak, Summer School Principal, MHS, effective 6-2-2014 thru 6-26-2014.

Approve school calendar for 2014-2015 school year

Special Meeting, Noon, May 15.