, Muskogee, OK

January 11, 2013

Muskogee County District Court 1.12.13

— Divorce decree

Nanette Necole Spencer vs. William Freddie Spencer, incompatibility.

Civil suits

Linda Renee Johnson, application to expunge record.

Alex R. Parris, application to expunge record.

GE Capital Retail Bank vs. Leonard Keele, petition for judgment, $2,263.31.

Bank of America vs. Dena A. Wachob, et al., foreclosure.

Small claims

Concorde Loan vs.:

• Stephen Clark, $1,198, Feb. 6.

• Robert Myers, $276, Feb. 6.

• Rosemarie Pratt, $836, Feb. 6.

• Rachel Soap, $345, Feb. 6.

• Natasha Lopez, $933, Feb. 6.

Initial appearance

BARRERA, Jarrod Robert. Possess/use/manufacture/or telephone threat of incendiary explosive (two counts). Sounding docket Jan. 25. Bond $15,000.


LAWSON, Thomas Bryan. First-degree manslaughter (three counts); unlawful possession of controlled drug. Hearing Jan. 25. Bond $10,000.

REED, Mark Travis. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence-alcohol aggravated; driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked; transporting opened container of beer. Hearing Jan. 22. Bond $3,000.


BACK, Tiffany Dawn. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; assault and battery on police officer. Order revoking suspended sentence Jan. 7. Two concurrent two-year sentences in prison.

BUAGHMAN, Erica. Possession of controlled dangerous substance (two counts); falsely personate another to create liability. Order revoking suspended sentence Jan. 7. Two two-year sentences in prison.

BUCHANAN, Ricky Lee. Failure to register as sex offender. Sentenced Jan. 10. Five years in prison with all but the first three years suspended. Fined $500.

DUNCAN, Tommy Christopher. Possession of controlled dangerous substance; endeavoring to manufacture controlled dangerous substance. Order revoking suspended sentences Dec. 20. Two concurrent seven-year sentences in prison.

HEYDORN, Misty Lynn. Child abuse. Sentences Jan. 7. 10 years suspended. Fined $250.

HOOD, John Patrick. Possession of precursor with intent to manufacture controlled dangerous substance; knowingly concealing stolen property; false declaration of ownership in pawn. Order revoking suspended sentences Jan. 4. One seven-year and two concurrent five-year sentences in prison.

LIVELY, Scott James. Possession of precursors with intent to manufacture; obstructing officer; possession of drug paraphernalia. Sentenced Jan. 11. One 20-year and two one-year concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $3,000.

PARKS, Eric Charles Jr. Second-degree burglary. Order revoking suspended sentence Dec. 13. Five years in prison.

RAMSEY, Adam. Second-degree robbery; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Order revoking suspended sentence Jan. 2. Five years in prison.

RANKINS, Jody Lee. Unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute. Sentenced Jan. 8. Five years suspended. Fined $500.

SMITH, Roderick A. Domestic abuse-assault and battery (second and subsequent); threaten to perform act of violence. Sentenced Jan. 7. 10 years in Department of Corrections and six months in Muskogee County Jail. Fined $500.