, Muskogee, OK

July 5, 2013

Rural water district installs pump station

— Muskogee Rural Water District No. 10 has purchased and installed a new, modern pump station along with new fencing.

Installation of the new pump station has provided cleaner water and a very noticeable increase in water pressure.

It also has allowed the reopening of new memberships necessary for future growth.

Inquiries for funding assistance had been made at several places in an attempt for much-needed improvements when Muskogee District Representative Eddie LaGrone and the Muscogee Creek Nation Council took an interest in helping.

The initial appropriation of $70,000 to assist in upgrading infrastructure to increase capacity and accessibility was approved in March 2012.

An additional $7,500 for completion of the project was approved in March 2013, which resulted in total funding of $77,500 from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

A small district serving 150 members of which 27 percent are Native Americans, the district’s water system was designed almost 30 years ago with a pump station that had become obsolete and unable to meet growing demands. Because it was no longer functional, the outdated pump station had to be removed from the system in 2004; however, limited funds made replacement impossible. Memberships which helped to support the district had to be closed because of extremely low water pressure, and the system required continual flushing to maintain safe chlorination levels.