, Muskogee, OK

July 1, 2013

P.M. UPDATE: Muskogee police report, 07.01.13

— Assaults

1115 Maple St., Friday, domestic.

3010 Arline St., Friday, domestic.

North G and Fredonia streets, Friday, domestic.

901 E. Broadway, Saturday, domestic.

220 N. 12th St., Sunday, unspecified.

914 N. K St., Sunday, domestic.


2901 S. Cherokee Drive, June 17-27, property removed from residence.

817 East Side Blvd., Friday, property removed from residence.

300 N. 15th St., June 22-29, property removed from residence.

313 N. 16th St., Sunday, illegal entry of residence.

1532 N. 18th St., Sunday-Monday, illegal entry of residence and assault.


North 18th Street, Friday, unspecified.


1404 N. 32nd St., June 18, Social Security card.

1720 Emporia St., Friday-Saturday, vehicle.

3703 Club Estates Drive, #1, Friday-Saturday, computer.

619 N. 11th St., Wednesday-Friday, motorcycle.

2326 W. Okmulgee Ave., Sunday, phone.

1164 Maple St., Sunday, lawn tractor.


817 Denver St., Saturday, vehicle.