, Muskogee, OK

June 18, 2013

To young sister duo, they're 'brothers'

By Wendy Burton
Phoenix Staff Writer

— Muskogee’s next big act, the “Swon Sisters,” are only 8 and 5 years old.

Close family friends of Zach and Colton Swon, Emma Roach and Ella Roach aren’t really related to the Swon Brothers, but the girls think of them as family.

“I like Zach and Colton because they can make silly faces and sing but most of all ‘cause they’re my brothers,” said Emma, 8.

Ella, 5, said she feels the same way about the brothers, whom both girls sing with each year at Christmas shows in Wagoner and at church.

“I like Zach ’cause he’s funny, and I like Colton and he’s getting famous, but I want him to come back,” Ella said.

Emma and Ella started singing with the Swon Brothers at Christmas shows when each was 2, their mother, Andrea Roach, said.

The girls are proud of their “brothers.”

Andrea said a friend of Colton’s at last week’s watch party at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame asked Ella whether she would sing a song for him.

“Ella said, ‘I only sing with the Swon Brothers,’” Andrea said, and laughed.

Andrea has gone to church with Zach and Colton for 15 years, she said, and her husband, Jeremy, even longer. She started singing with the brothers’ mother, Tammy Swon, years ago when Zach was little and was playing drums at church.

“We’ve sang together ever since at church every Sunday, and Tammy and I became really good friends,” Andrea said.

So it was no stretch for the Roach and the Swon families to get little Emma on stage six years ago with Zach and Colton.

“Everyone just loved it when she sang, so she kept on doing it,” Andrea said.

Ella joined her sister and the Swon Brothers on stage when she was 2, also.

Last Christmas Emma sang “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, and Ella did “I’m Getting Nuttin’ for Christmas,” Andrea said. Other songs in their repertoire include “Cowboy Sweetheart” and “Away in a Manger.”

Emma said she didn’t know whether she’ll ever be as famous as Zach and Colton, but she likes singing with them.

“I like singing because, well, I like making everybody happy and I enjoy it,” Emma said. “And I like to see them and I like to make them happy and I just enjoy doing that.”

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