, Muskogee, OK

June 22, 2013

Scam pages trade on Swons’ name

By Wendy Burton
Phoenix Staff Writer

— Since Muskogee’s Swon Brothers placed third on NBC’s “The Voice” on Tuesday, numerous scam Facebook pages have cropped up claiming to be the brothers and are trying to sell Swon merchandise.

Zach Swon and Colton Swon want their fans to know they are not selling any T-shirts or concert tickets or anything else.

“Right now, we aren’t worried about selling stuff,” Colton said Friday. “We’re just using Facebook to keep in touch with everyone.”

The brothers said they will be selling merchandise in the near future, but right now fans shouldn’t give their credit card numbers to anyone claiming to sell Swon Brothers merchandise.

As of Friday, there were seven Facebook pages claiming to be the Swon Brothers.

One that was called “The Swon Brothers Official” posted a status Wednesday saying there would be a contest for Swon Brothers concert tickets and another status that T-shirts could be purchased by sending a credit card number via message.

Hundreds of people commented they knew the page was fake and reported it to Facebook.

Another page found Friday spelled the brothers’ last name “Swan” and had more than 3,000 likes.

A status on that page on Wednesday said “Thank You Fans!! A new CD coming soon! It's always great to have such wonderful fanfare!!!! Playlist and past performances will be uploaded soon!!!”

To find the Swon Brothers’ official page on Facebook, Zach and Colton said find the page with more than 60,000 likes — and look at the spelling of their names.

“A lot of them are spelling our names wrong,” Colton said. “And if anybody is asking for money, it’s fake.”

And there have been fake individual pages for the brothers crop up, too. A fake “Colton Swon” was fooling fans for a short time, but has since disappeared.

And a new page was created Thursday afternoon called “Swon Zach," which claims to be Zach but isn't.

Zach and Colton are working on getting their Swon Brothers’ Facebook page certified so fans will know who the real deal is, they said.

Their Twitter account has already been verified — “@theswonbrothers” is their Twitter handle, and there will be a blue check mark next to it on the real account, Colton said.

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