, Muskogee, OK

April 9, 2013

Muskogee County District Court 04.10.13


The Barbara Harrison listed in Tuesday’s civil suits lists her address at 3025 S. 204th St. W. in Haskell.

Divorce decree

Chritina Copus vs. John Copus, incompatibility.

Protective orders

Angeleen Marie Shook vs. Thelma Hall, April 24.

Karen Frances Genn vs. Trisha Ann Myers, April 17.

Civil suits

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Rhonda J. Cooper, et al., foreclosure.

Security Credit Services vs. Wanda Murry, petition for judgment, $5,043.77.

Bank of America vs. Louis Paul Rushano, et al., foreclosure.

Amanda Prough vs. Kore Inc., petition for judgment, excess of $75,000.

Asset Acceptance vs.:

• Patrick Minter, petition for judgment, $4,540.36.

• Cynthia Jones, petition for judgment, $4,900.39.

• Timothy L. Edgmon, petition for judgment, $1,280.84.

• Crystal Colina, petition for judgment, $1,466.12.

• Juanita Lee, petition for judgment, $3,611.35.

Cach vs.:

• Clifford Beasley, petition for judgment, $6,566.87.

• Ricky D. Denton, petition for judgment, $1,722.04.

• Ronald Lee Pitman Jr., petition for judgment, $11,890.81.

Small claims

Muskogee Housing Authority vs.:

• Johnny M. Williams, forcible entry and detainer, April 17.

• John S. Davidson, $220, April 17.

Alan Richie, et al. vs. Russell Auto Group, $2,000, June 12.

Rent-A-Center vs. Nicole Smith, replevin, April 24.

Bacone College vs.:

• Jaelyn Lane, $656.60, May 8.

• Joshua O’Field, $2,841.41, May 8.

• Linda Taylor, $2,051.91, May 8.

• Shannah Cob, $385.48, May 8.

Gina Caravaglia vs. Angel Westbrook, $2,200, April 22.

Louie Mosteller, et al. vs. Janet Mason, $946.30, April 17.

Robin Lee Johnson vs. George Allen Circle, $2,042.75, May 8.

Jose A. Castillo, et al. vs. Robert Coffey, $850, April 22.

Keith Williams, et al. vs. Eric Spade, et al., $2,400, May 6.

Dennis Spurlock, et al. vs. Angelia Lax, $1,000, April 22.

Initial appearances

FOSTER, Kenneth Curtis. Second-degree burglary (two counts). Sounding docket April 23. Bond same.

STARR, Steven Wayne. Possession of contraband (weapons/explosives/drugs/intoxicating beverage/low point beer/money) by an inmate. Sounding docket April 23. Bond $7,500.


HALLUM, Kristi Maelynn. Child endangerment by driving under the influence; driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; carrying firearm while under the influence. Hearing April 19. Bond $2,500.


JONES, David Allen. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Order revoking suspended sentence April 3. 10 years in prison.

STARKEY, Joseph. Larceny of automobile. Order revoking suspended sentence April 2. Two years in prison.