, Muskogee, OK

November 12, 2013

NSU, Connors reach deal on students' credits

It allows ‘reverse transfer’ of hours for completion of associate degrees

By Cathy Spaulding
Phoenix Staff Writer

— Northeastern State University students who transfer early from Connors State College soon could earn a CSC associate degree.

NSU and Connors officials signed an agreement Monday allowing NSU students to transfer some of their NSU credits back to CSC to complete their associate degree requirements. The process is known as a reverse transfer. The signing took place at the NSU Muskogee campus.

“This would help students maximize their degrees,” said Laura Boren, NSU’s vice president of student affairs. “Students can get associate degrees while advancing toward their bachelor’s degree.”

Boren said NSU has a similar agreement with Tulsa Community College and is working on one with Carl Albert State College. She said NSU seeks to have such agreements with all the two-year colleges in its service area.

“This allows them to maximize their time at the two-year institution,” she said.

Ron Ramming, CSC’s vice president of academic and student affairs, said many students who leave Connors for other colleges might have one or two classes they had not completed at Connors.

“But it makes sense for them to move on,” he said, citing an example of a student majoring agriculture and planning to move on to a four-year college. “And there was just one class here he just could not fit into his schedule.”

Instead of staying at CSC one semester just for that class, the student can take the class at the four-year college and transfer the credits back to CSC, Ramming said. That way, the student earns credit to get the associate degree from CSC, he said.

Ramming said the agreement would enable CSC officials to check an NSU database for students who had attended CSC.

“We could contact them and see if they are interested in getting an associate degree,” Ramming said.

He said having the associate degree could save a student from having to repeat the class at the four-year college.

Ramming said CSC is working on similar agreements with other universities including University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

In a media release, NSU President Dr. Steve Turner called the agreement “a natural progression” in the partnership with the two institutions.

“The students, appropriately so, are the big winners,” Turner said. “They can transfer back hours earned at NSU to CSC to be applied to an associate degree. This effort certainly supports Governor Fallin’s Complete College Oklahoma Initiative.”

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