, Muskogee, OK

June 22, 2013

Request for tribal election injunction denied

— The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the request for emergency injunctive relief filed Thursday by a Cherokee Nation Tribal Council candidate.

In a terse, half-page order published Friday, the Denver-based court held Robin Mayes failed to show the four elements required to grant his request.

Mayes, one of six candidates competing for an at-large council post, is challenging tribal policy that prevents the processing of citizenship applications filed by freedmen descendants.

Mayes has asked the federal court to order the tribe to process those applications, many of which have been filed since 2007. Mayes also has asked the court “to hold open” Saturday’s election until freedmen applicants register as voters and cast ballots.

A federal court judge in Tulsa denied that request earlier this week, and Mayes appealed the ruling. While his request for an emergency injunction was denied, his appeal of the district court order remains pending.