, Muskogee, OK

May 9, 2013

Swons continue on ‘The Voice’

Local brothers survive to compete next week

By Wendy Burton
Phoenix Staff Writer

— Muskogee’s Swon Brothers’ fans sat quietly, some with their hands over their eyes, some clasping hands or leaning on one another as they waited for results.

Zach and Colton Swon stood next to teammate Justin Rivers on stage as Blake Shelton made a decision on whether they would survive another week on NBC’s “The Voice.”

“For the sake of keeping the diversity on the show, I choose the Swon Brothers,” Shelton said.

The brothers’ mother, Tammy Swon, jumped up, threw her hands in the air and screamed, along with the many others at the watch party at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

“Now, we have to work 10 times harder and get more votes for next week,” Tammy said. “We have to network to get all of Oklahoma on board and then get everyone outside of Oklahoma, too.”

Tammy said she was relieved Zach and Colton’s survival was announced first, as the tension was nearly unbearable.

And she was excited about getting the gift she wished for.

“That’s all I wanted for Mother’s Day,” Tammy said.

Colton’s girlfriend, Lacey Lashley, said she burst into tears at the news.

“I feel excited, relief. That was so nerve-wracking but we’re so blessed,” Lashley said.

Muskogee Mayor Bob Coburn also attended the watch party for the brothers who grew up in Muskogee and have spent years performing together.

“I just think it’s fantastic that they walked out there the first night and said, ‘We’re from Muskogee, Oklahoma,’” Coburn said. “They’re great guys, and it’s fun to see people from Muskogee succeed on a national level.”

After the announcement on the show, Zach and Colton said they are happy to make it through another week, but sad to see Rivers go.

“This is amazing. It’s good to know Blake had our back,” Colton said. “But it’s hard to see Justin go. He was like another brother, so it’s bittersweet.”

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