, Muskogee, OK

March 20, 2013

Vandal covers FG bridge in graffiti

— Muskogee County mechanic Eric Armstrong paints over graffiti Tuesday at a bridge on East Benge Road in Fort Gibson. Muskogee County District 1 Commissioner Gene Wallace said the bridge had been repainted last week, and the graffiti was discovered Tuesday.

“This is a cost to taxpayers,” Wallace said. “We just had to paint it, and now we’ve got to use taxpayer money to do it again.”

Wallace estimated the cost of repainting the vandalized bridge and using Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office deputies to investigate at $1,000. 

“Vandalism is very expensive,” Wallace said. “When something is improved, you’d like to think people would have enough pride to not immediately damage it.”

Wallace suspects the culprit was a “young male,” and said he would offer two tickets to a “really nice” concert in Tulsa in exchange for information leading deputies to the vandal.