, Muskogee, OK

March 6, 2013

Weeping watchers slow murder trial

By Wendy Burton
Phoenix Staff Writer

— A judge paused a jury trial twice Tuesday to remind people in the courtroom to control their emotions.

The first admonishment came after several people began crying when Connor Adcock testified about the slaying of Ryan Satterfield on Nov. 23, 2011.

Associate District Judge Norman Thygesen admonished spectators to remain calm.

“I know this is an emotional time for everyone, but I’ll have to declare a mistrial, and then all of this is wasted,” he said.

Tommy Lee Dean Jr., 20, is charged with first-degree murder for his alleged role in Satterfield’s death. Dean is one of six people charged in the death.

Satterfield, 17, was shot and killed by Deandre Clark, 19, at a friend’s home. Clark was found guilty of first-degree murder Feb. 28.

Dean is accused of “ordering” Clark to shoot Satterfield.

Wearing a white dress shirt and khaki slacks, Dean held his hands in his lap and looked at the witness on the stand most of the afternoon. He occasionally leaned over to talk quietly to one of his attorneys or looked around the room.

Adcock was the state’s first witness. He was present on the night of the murder.

Adcock testified that Dean pointed at Satterfield that night and said: “Pop this one. Pop this one. He keeps talking.”

“He (Clark) raised up the rifle, aimed for four or five seconds, then shot him,” Adcock said.

He testified that he believed Dean was “in charge” of the group that allegedly robbed Adcock, Satterfield and their friends.

Dean’s defense attorney, Bobby Lewis, tried to pick apart Adcock’s testimony, questioning why some answers Adcock gave Tuesday were different from those in the preliminary hearing or Adcock’s first written statement to police.

“Nowhere in your first statement does it say Tommy Dean said, ‘Pop this one,’” Lewis said. “In preliminary, you lied to me then?”

“I don’t remember that, sir,” Adcock said.

Lewis also questioned why in his first written statement Adcock didn’t identify the suspects by name.

“I was scared that night. I told you I was just scared,” Adcock replied.

The four remaining defendants — Frederick Watson, 19, Jordan Miller, 18, Martin Miller, 19, and Troy Dufur, 18 — await trial.

Dean’s trial continues at 9 a.m. today.

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