October 5, 2013

Firstar Bank to help furloughed workers

October 5, 2013

While thousands of federal employees continue to wait to learn the status of their next paycheck, Firstar Bank launched a financial assistance program to help furloughed workers, a media release states.

Firstar’s Federal Employee Emergency Assistance Program is available to those who have been affected by the government shutdown and work in the bank’s market area which includes Muskogee, Sequoyah, and Tulsa counties in Oklahoma and Sebastian County in Arkansas.

“It is tough to go without your paycheck, wondering how you’re going to pay your bills,” said Chris Condley, chief executive officer of Firstar Bank. “Stepping up to help our friends and neighbors, those who serve our country, is simply the right thing to do.”

Benefits of the program include:

• Loan Payment Deferral — Furloughed customers can delay one of their installment loan payments and the bank will waive associated fees and interest.

• Emergency Loans — Furloughed workers can apply for a no-fee, unsecured, low-interest loan to replace their take-home pay.

Applicants for the emergency loans do not have to be customers of the bank, but some restrictions do apply to the program. Full details on loan terms and eligibility may be found on the bank’s website, www.firstar-bank.com.

“We’re not doing this to make money. We just want to help and give peace of mind to workers who may be affected by the shutdown,” Condley said.

Information: www.firstar-bank.com or call (866) 681-1650 for more information.

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