, Muskogee, OK

November 27, 2013

The history of Thanksgiving through the eyes of area elementary fourth-graders

— Thanksgiving

In 1621 the Pilgrims had The first Thanksgiving feast. The Wampanoag Indians helped the pilgrims after the cold cold winter. The Wamaopoag Indians taught the Pilgrims how to grow crops like corn, barley beans pumpkins. In 1777 Sara Josepha Hale helped make Thanksgivin a nation wide holiday. In 1959 Franklin D. Rosevelt changed Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November.

— Kadaysha Brooks

“About Thanksgiving”

Years ago pilgrams came to America from England. The pilgrams came to America on a ship called the Mayflower. The pilgrams went through hard times during the first winter. The pilgrims did not know how to grow crops. The pilgrims me the Wampanoag Indians who helped them grow crops, hunt and fish. The pilgrams had a big feast and invited the Wampanoag Indians.

— Nathan Dixon

“History of Thanksgiving”

Pilgrims traveled to America in 1620. They came from England. The Wampaoag Indians befriended the pilgrims by helping them grow crops and how to fish and hunt. On the first Thanksgiving they ate deer not turkey. Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1777.

— Hayden Albright

How Thanksgiving Started?

The Wamoanog Indians helped the Pilgrims plant crops like barly, corn, squash, and beans. Ion 1621, the Pilgrims had their first Thanksgiving. They ate deer, roast goose, codfish, and lobster. In 1777 Sara Josepha Hale helped make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Thanksgiving is now celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

— Molly Reynolds


Thanksgiving is a time for things you are thankful for. In 1621 the pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe had their first thanksgiving. The Wampanoag Indians helped the pilgrims plant crop like corn, squash, and pumpkins. The pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians ate on roast geese, corn, codfish, and lobster.

— Laterrian Harris

The History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving becase a national holiday in 1777. The woman who made this possible was named Sara Josepha Hale. There were two presidents who changed the date of Thanksgiving in November. Abraham Lincoln changed the date in 1863 to the last Tursday of November. Then in 1939 President Roosevelt changed it to the 4th Tursday of November because he wanted to help the stores have more selling time for Christmas.

— Mychael Carter

The History of Thanksgiving

In 1620, the pilgrims came from England to a new world on a ship called the Mayflower. When the pilgrims came to America they did not have  muce to eat. The wampanoga Indians helped the pilgrims grow crops. Soon they started to harvest the crops the pilgrims planted. The pilgrims were happy to have all the food. The pilgrims decided to have a thanksgiving Day. The pilgrims wanted to share the harvest with the wampanoga Indians. It was their first thanksgiving. On their first thanksgiving. they dined on deer, roasted goose, codfish, and lobster.

— Haley Fairchilds

The First Thanksgiving

If I was with the Pilgrims and the Indians I would help the Pilgrims a lot. I would help the Pilgrims and the Indians plant crops. I would help the Indians kill deer for dinner. I would try to help the Pilgrims that was sick and try to help the Pilgrims get better. I would help the Pilgrims and Indians cook the food in the pots that  Pilgrims and the Indians cook in. I would try to make up a new game that me and the Pilgrims and Indians can play. I bet that it would be fun. I would feast with the Pilgrims and the Indians. I hope that I would learn more about them days with the Pilgrims and the Indians. I bet I will learn more about the old day with my cool teacher.

— Aliah Boulware