, Muskogee, OK

October 21, 2013

Eye exams for infants free this week

— The Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians and its more than 600 members have named Oct. 21-25 InfantSEE Week. Optometric physicians have played a leading role in this program since its inception in 2005, providing infant comprehensive eye exams at no cost year round. InfantSEE Week will bring heightened awareness of the program to the public and help motivate parents to take advantage of the free exams to better ensure eye wellness in infants.

Risk factors for many eye conditions, including amblyopia (often referred to as lazy eye), muscle imbalances, and some ocular diseases, have no signs or symptoms and may not be detected in a well-baby check-up.

An InfantSEE assessment is recommended between 6 and 12 months of age and determines if an infant is at risk for eye or vision disorders.

Participating optometric physicians:

• Dr. Leslie Trimble, 435 W. Broadway, (918) 687-4459.

• Dr. Richard D. Creed, 3705 W. Broadway, (918) 687-7539.

• Dr. Bill D. Parker, 1157 N. York St., (918) 683-8404.

• Dr. Lorrie A. Richardson, 742 N. York St., (918) 682-7752.

• Dr. Ray V. Odom Jr., 742 N. York St., (918) 682-7752.

• Dr. Karla L. Rice, 105 N. York St., (918) 682-2181.

• Dr. James M. Nelson, 817 Callahan St., (918) 682-1021.