, Muskogee, OK

November 16, 2012

Muskogee police report 11.17.12


412 N. 28th St., Tuesday, with a brick.

2101 Court St., Wednesday, with a vehicle.

2809 Elgin St., unspecified date, with hands.

719 S. 30th St., Wednesday, domestic.

319 N. 18th St., Friday, domestic with hands.

915 Louisiana St., Saturday, domestic with hands.

621.5 E. Okmulgee Ave., Saturday, domestic with hands.

2019 Haskell Boulevard, Sunday, domestic with hands.

16 E. Martin Luther King St., Sunday, with brass-knuckles and a knife.

Unspecified address, Sunday-Monday, harassing phone calls.

2005 Elgin St., Monday, domestic with hands.

401.5 W. Augusta St., Thursday, domestic.


1802 Carroll St., Monday-Tuesday, illegal entry of residence.

1110 N. C St., Tuesday, property removed from residence.

501 N. Main St., Tuesday, property removed from vehicle.

Bob Loftis Furniture, 2501 E. Shawnee Bypass, Tuesday-Wednesday, property removed from business vehicle.

319 S. 4th St., Nov. 2, property removed from business.

143 W. Shawnee Bypass, Friday, property removed from vehicle.