, Muskogee, OK

October 11, 2011

Muskogee Public Schools 10.10.11 to 10.14.11


MONDAY — Cherry cutie pie or Berry Colossal Crunch with cinnamon toast or yogurt with toast, white grapes, fruit, juice, milk.

TUESDAY — Apple crunch muffins or Graham Cracker Crunch with muffin or scrambled eggs with apple crunch muffin, canned pears, fruit, juice, milk.

WEDNESDAY — Biscuit and cream gravy or Cocoa Puffs with biscuit or cheese omelet with biscuit, cherries, fruit, juice, milk.

THURSDAY — Breakfast pizza bagel or Cheerios with cinnamon toast or eggstravaganza with toast, blueberries, fruit,  juice, milk.

FRIDAY — Maple mini pancakes or manager’s choice cereal with cinnamon toast or Rougher muffin, banana, fruit, juice, milk.


MONDAY — Hot dog or grilled cheese with tomato bisque, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

TUESDAY — Cheese pizza or cheese ravioli with marinara sauce, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

WEDNESDAY — Chicken nuggets or salisbury steak, roll, mashed potatoes, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

THURSDAY — Bean and cheese burrito or chicken fajitas, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

FRIDAY — Hamburger/cheeseburger or chicken fried steak sandwich on a bun, fruit and veggie bar, milk.