, Muskogee, OK

August 9, 2011

Muskogee Public Schools 8.15.11 to 8.19.11


MONDAY — Apple frudel or Frosted Flakes with cinnamon toast or yogurt with toast, mixed fruit, juice, milk.

TUESDAY — Eggstravaganza with blueberry square or Berry Kix with blueberry square, oranges, juice, milk.

WEDNESDAY — Cheese omelet with toast or Honey Nut Cherrios with toast or waffles, strawberries, milk.

THURSDAY — Sausage in a blanket or Lucky Charms with toast or eggstravaganza with toast, kiwi, juice, milk.

FRIDAY — Cocoa Puff parfait or cereal with wheat toast, banana, juice, milk.


MONDAY — Corn dog or barbecue sandwich on a bun, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

TUESDAY — Cheese pizza or spaghetti with meatballs, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

WEDNESDAY — Beef fingers or cheese and shells, roll, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

THURSDAY — Super nachos or enchilada casserole, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

FRIDAY — Chicken salad sandwich or pizza bagel, fruit and veggie bar, milk.