, Muskogee, OK

October 21, 2011

Muskogee Public Schools 10.24.11 to 10.28.11


MONDAY — Cinnamon glazed french toast or Frosted Mini Wheats with cinnamon toast or yogurt with cinnamon toast, raspberries, fruit, juice, milk.

TUESDAY — Scrambled eggs with oatmeal square or Trix with oatmeal square, apricots, fruit, juice, milk.

WEDNESDAY —Cheese omelet with wheat toast or cinnamon toast crunch with wheat toast or pancake on a stick, cubed cantaloupe, fruit, juice, milk.

THURSDAY — Breakfast burrito or Fruit Loops with wheat toast or eggstravaganza, wheat toast, blackberries, fruit, juice, milk.

FRIDAY — Chicken biscuit or Rice Krispies with biscuit or uncrustable, fruit, juice, milk.


MONDAY —Sausage in a blanket or macaroni and cheese,  fruit and veggie bar, milk.

TUESDAY — Alpha sausage pizza or cheese lasagna rollups with marinara sauce, garlic toast, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

WEDNESDAY — Chicken fried steak or beef fingers, oat roll, scalloped potatoes, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

THURSDAY — Taco salad or enchilada casserole, fruit and veggie bar, milk.

FRIDAY — Manager’s choice, fruit and veggie bar, milk.