The leadership of Checotah is an embarrassment to all the citizens and the town.

It seems they are elected and paid to put on a charade at all their scheduled meetings. It seems their primary duties are attacking each other and the citizens. Their time is consumed in trying to figure out who is allowed to do what, destroying each others character and abilities instead of figuring out what they can do for the city and its citizens.

This is very evident by looking at the town. They patch the same old water leaks over and over, tearing up the streets and highways in the same spots, building a blacktop road around half the city that’s useless, especially when our streets that are in pitiful need, need to be replaced and they are used everyday.

They passed a zoning ordinance that only helps the more wealthy citizens. We need businesses anywhere we can put one. Building a business only along our chug-holed highways in town only helps the more wealthy who own property along the highways.

They want our lawns and residences to look nicer, yet they will only pick up items and debris that are bundled just right. We don’t need to attack our poor older citizens who are not able to mow their lawns but find ways to help them get their lawns mowed.

We have received numerous letters on our questionable drinking water. I could go on and on but what’s the use?

Until we get leadership in our city that wants to work together for the town and its improvement, instead of attacking each other, a better Checotah remains hopeless.

The only thing I can ever hear about our leadership accomplishing at a town meeting is who they are going to attack at the next meeting.

Is it impossible for us to elect someone who is qualified, who is paid to work for a better Checotah instead of fighting and bickering?

Why don’t you leaders just once try to get something published in the paper that shows an accomplishment from one of your meetings instead of the same old fighting and bickering?

That might put a smile on your face.

I think you would feel better also. I know the citizens of Checotah would feel better!

Jerry Smith


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