In all of the hullabaloo of world economics, the presidential race and Veterans’ Day, did anybody take notice that Nov. 1 was Women Veterans’ Appreciation Day?

I've been reading about the parade and nowhere did I see mentioned the Vietnam, World War ll, Korean War female veterans and the fact that they, too, placed their lives in harm's way for their country.

Nowhere do I hear, “Way to go, ladies, we appreciate the ultimate sacrifice you made also!” Sure they make up a small percent of our military forces, but they, too, served with pride, honor and dignity, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if need be.

I was asked the other day why people have a hard time accepting our female veterans and my answer?

“It’s a man’s world and how dare we intrude!”

Come on, Muskogee, there are a lot of female veterans right here who have to quietly sit by while the guys are given recognition, and let me add, the guys deserve every bit of the applause, they receive, but so do our female veterans.

Women have been serving since the first war right here in the good Old USA, and if you don’t believe me, read history on all wars, including the Civil War. Some even dressed as a man to be able to fight. They served as spies, cooks, whatever, because they believed in this country also. I’m not too hep on equal rights one way or another, but in some aspects, I definitely am!

But I won’t get into that, because that’s another subject. I just want to see our military women and veterans, receive the recognition, they so rightly deserve.

Let the gentlemen receive theirs, just please remember our women, also.

Pat Davis


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