, Muskogee, OK

October 27, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Mitt not the man his father was

— George Romney seemed like a real stand-up guy. He supported the labor unions and union workers’ rights. He opposed the Vietnam War. He was a man of character and integrity. His son, Mitt, is the example of the apple falling way far away from the tree.

Born into privilege, Mitt Romney never met an oligarch he wouldn’t suck up to. He will change his positions and say anything to get elected. When he and the GOP say “all of the above”, they really mean “oil of the above.” Recently, Big Oil threw a fundraiser for Romney which netted him $10 million. The next day he gives a speech outlining his “energy policy,” which is skewed toward (gasp) oil. If there were an organization called the American Hookers Association (or the AHA), and they gave Romney $10 million, the next day he’d say we need a hooker in every kitchen.

Ready for war with Iran? Then get ready, because billionaire casino owner and Romney sugar-daddy, Sheldon Adelson, whose ties to the Chinese Mafia are under investigation, wants a return on his $100 million-plus investment.

Romney represents the rich, whose belief that their wealth entitles them to rule is greater than it’s ever been. Romney’s OK’d the use of intimidation, threats and coercion by corporate America CEOs ordering their employees to vote for him.

There’s always going to be a segment of society that’re nothing but sniveling suck-ups, gladly sitting at the end of the rich man’s table wagging their tails begging for scraps and selling out their friends and co-workers. Parents around here teach “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” So find someone to brownnose like Lyin’ Ryan did.

Conservative religionists are about to throw away their last ounce of “Christian” values and vote for a Mormon cultist, whose religion teaches that Indians are descended from a lost tribe of Israel and whose skin was cursed to darkness because of their rebelliousness. Maybe teavangelicals can join the Mormons on the planet Kolob (Look it up: it’s a Mormon belief!) and live happily ever after.