, Muskogee, OK

November 23, 2013

Do your part and vote in city election

— Congratulations to Mayor Bob Coburn who will serve a second term after he didn’t draw an opponent during municipal filings.

The Jan. 14 ballots will feature races in the four wards that are up for election.

We have one message for the elections, which are less than 60 days away: Turn out and vote.

This is a significant and historic election in Muskogee, because it will be the first election to feature ward voting, meaning voters only can vote on the candidates who will represent their ward.

Voters approved the ward voting change in 2012, when a mere 17 percent of voters turned out.

That number is terrible. It needs to get better.

If you don’t vote, you are throwing away your most basic freedom. It appears we are letting that freedom erode.

Maybe ward voting is the change that will make the difference. With ward voting every vote truly counts for your representative.

Prove you’re appreciative of this basic freedom and do your part. Vote.

Key dates

Dec. 20: Voter registration deadline.

Jan. 8: Absentee ballot application deadline.

Jan. 9-10: In-person absentee voting.

Jan. 14: General election.

March 4: Runoff election if required.