, Muskogee, OK

February 1, 2014

City manager faces some challenges

— Welcome Howard Brown to our wonderful city.

Now he’s got to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

There are a lot of hard-working people here, and he is walking into a pretty decent situation.

We’re already going in the right direction. We have a wonderful parks system. The Action in Muskogee initiative has an extremely solid blueprint for our success. We are accessible by port, rail, highways and an airport.

Brown will be counted on to help push Muskogee to a destination.

He will have to work hard. And he seems up to the challenge.

Brown’s work experience is in smaller cities, but he is quite familiar with metropolitan areas.  Brown served three years as planning and development services director in Albany, Ga., and five years as neighborhood improvement manager for the city of Lilburn, Ga., within the Atlanta metropolitan area.

He believes those experiences will help him in his new job.

“By working in cities of varying sizes, demographic make-ups, and economies, I’ve broadened my understanding of what works and what doesn’t,” Brown told the Phoenix. “Having worked in communities that were so very different from one another, I’m confident I know how to find solutions.”

We hope he is right. Muskogee needs leadership experience as we enter a critical time in our town’s history.

We want Muskogee to succeed. We want AIM’s initiatives to succeed.

Brown could be just the person to push Muskogee from teetering on great things, to greatness.

“There are many factors that influence a city’s growth and prosperity,” Brown said, citing quality-of-life factors and the local economy among the top of that list.

For his part, he’s up for the task. Let’s welcome him with open arms and help him make Muskogee a destination.