, Muskogee, OK

October 29, 2013

OMHOF move appears to be a success

— While the final figures haven’t been determined to know whether the decision to move the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame induction concert outside Muskogee was a financial success, it appears to have been a success in all other aspects.

Ideally, the concert is held in Muskogee every year.

But it has been proven year after year that a majority of the Muskogee residents are unwilling to support it.

OMHOF officials got a lot more bang for their buck by partnering with the Mabee Center in Tulsa for the concert held earlier this month. OMHOF Executive Director Jim Blair said OMHOF saved an immediate $18,000 by not having to rent sound and lighting systems, which the Mabee Center already has in place. And being listed among the Mabee Center’s upcoming events on its website garnered about 20 million impressions for the concert, Blair said.

Extra exposure might be the biggest benefit of all. There are a lot of people in the state who are unaware Oklahoma has a music hall of fame.

We liked the split of induction ceremony held here and concert held in Tulsa.

Our selfish view would be to keep both in Muskogee.

But that’s not realistic, nor is it conducive to success.

If a future concert is held in the Oklahoma City area, that might be a far enough distance to hold the induction ceremony there as well.

By having the concert in different parts of the state every year, the museum stands to benefit from the exposure. And as more and more people are inducted, there are more reasons to visit the museum — and Muskogee — in the process.

And if that leads to a more successful Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, that also leads to more tourism dollars being spent in Muskogee and a potential win-win situation.