, Muskogee, OK

November 9, 2013

Veterans deserve our thanks

— If it weren’t for veterans, we wouldn’t be here today.

Veterans were willing to lay down their lives to secure the freedom of our great country.

Everything good you see today is, in some way, a result of  those willing to fight for the rest of us.

From the Revolutionary War to the present-day War on Terror, there always have been people willing to stand up and defend our nation.

Those men and women of the military felt this nation is worth the fight.

We honor and celebrate veterans each Nov. 11, but their impact is felt every day of the year.

So don’t just set aside one day a year to thank our veterans.

Thank them whenever you see them.

The Phoenix wants to give a chance for you to thank veterans through the end of the year online and here on this page. Email your salute to a veteran to We encourage you to participate and give thanks to those who have served us in the past and who serve us now.

Thank you, veterans, for what you’ve done and what you continue to do.