, Muskogee, OK

December 25, 2013

MLK center a key to revitalization

— The Martin Luther King Jr. Center is vital to our community, and its services are clearly needed.

That’s why it was identified by Action in Muskogee organizers as a first-phase signature project.

The new center will be the north anchor to downtown’s revitalization.

During the November rollout of AIM’s signature projects, organizers described a vision that included a Fourth Street corridor linking the new King Center to Muskogee Little Theater and the museum district as the anchor on the south end.

The new MLK Center will be an 18,000-square-foot facility. The center already offers several key programs in Muskogee, such as its after-school program and night hoops. Expanding will make it likely to add more.

The Rev. Marlon Coleman, who was a member of the eight-person task force that has, and will continue to oversee the project, said the new center would be a reflection “of what we want Muskogee to be without regard to demographics.”

This is key to the success of not only the MLK Center, but downtown revitalization.

Coleman believes Muskogee can break the cycle of not being able to grow.

And so do we.

Muskogee will grow when we come together to work toward the same goals.

Something all of us can be proud of — and a booming downtown is just that — is exactly what we need.