, Muskogee, OK

October 31, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – GOP has been hijacked by fringe

— The Republican Party of today is a far cry from the party of days gone by. The party of today has been hijacked by the Tea Party and other fringe groups with one common goal and that is to make President Obama an one term president, no matter the cost, no matter the harm to the nation.

In the middle sixties President Lyndon Johnson and Republican Senator Everett Dirksen worked in by partisan unity to get legislation done such as the passage of the Civil Rights bills of ’64-’65. This would not happen today as the Republican party has become a mean-spirited, bullying party with little compassion for the less fortunate. Many within the party have a difficult time disguising their hatred for the president.

In an interview with Soledad O’Brien, Governor John Sununu, an adviser to Governor Romney, could not contain his hatred for the president, he accused her of being out of her mind (crazy) and referred to her as an Obama groupie.

The Republican Party and Governor Romney’s policies (which are all over the creation) are being influenced by the likes of Donald Trump who keeps the birther movement going, and the Koch Brothers, who are trying to buy the presidency. The Koch Brothers have sent letters to their employees warning them that if they vote for the wrong party they could be laid off. This is an act of voter intimidation. Rand Paul of Kentucky has stated that the Civil Rights Acts are unconstitutional. If Romney is elected President it will get worse.

The American people will need to step up and vote the Democratic Ticket, give the president a congress that is willing to compromise and “not say my way or no way.” The people should tell the president we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, including raising taxes in order to balance the budget. No President has come under pressure from his own countryman as has President Barack Obama and he has handled it with dignity and poise. He has earned another term.

Your power, your decision, vote.