, Muskogee, OK

November 14, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – Tax increases should be same for all

— I would like for America to stand tall. Do this by not adding more taxes “unevenly.” At this time 50 percent of people pay no income tax at all (but receive an unearned income credit check). Any tax increases should be at the same rate for everyone or a better way is to go to a sales tax, so that whoever buys anything — food, gas, clothes, furniture, diapers etc. — pays a tax. Without using the unfair plan to “tax the rich” at a higher rate, this would allow each person to pay “their fair share.” With no excessive tax on higher income people, the businessman could invest his money to start a venture and jobs would be created. Jobs are not created by the government. It has been proven that increased taxes from these new ventures would add more money than a higher rate of taxing them. America can come back.

As to the “fiscal cliff” – You can not spend $1 trillion more each year than you bring in as we are doing. We have too much entitlement spending. The bottom 50 percent must begin to pay their share.

I believe in helping people — for a short time with ADC, food stamps, welfare etc., but not for generation after generation. First, families can help their own family, then churches and other groups, then finally the federal/state as a last resort can help. Agree or not, we also must fund a strong military to keep us safe. Last, but not least, serve the God of Jesus Christ, as that is where we need to put our trust and get our strength.