, Muskogee, OK

November 7, 2012

Network hits home for students

— Connecting with students should be of primary concern for our educators.

Muskogee High School teachers are using technology to interact with students at one of their favorite levels — social media.

MHS students and teachers are using an academic social network called My Big Campus to reach beyond the classroom.

The online network enables students to communicate with the teacher and other students, as well as access teacher notes and subject-related videos at any time.

MHS biology teacher Harland Warrior says the network presents science and other subjects in a way students find familiar.

“We’re playing their game now,” Warrior said. “It’s technology.”

Young people pave the way for changes in pop culture. Young people made social media such as Facebook and Twitter explode.

Hopefully, teachers, administrators and others can use My Big Campus to help students achieve in class.

Most school districts prohibit teachers from contacting students on social media sites.

It is not appropriate for teachers to have relationships outside of the classroom with their students.

However, My Big Campus sounds like a great way to make education more accessible to students in a mode students already find interesting.