, Muskogee, OK

April 27, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Judge was following law — God’s law

— The Phoenix’s April 2nd editorial criticized Judge Bill Graves for attempting to prevent the legal name change of two “transgendered females.” They said he should “follow the law.” What law? The law of sanity and reason? No. When people try to change the fact of people’s God-ordained gender by surgery, psychiatry, drugs or law they’re acting insane. And when individuals undergo barbarous “surgeries” that not only don’t truly change their gender, but also leave them with open wounds they must keep open, leave their bodies subject to horrifying infections and diseases, etc. Are they acting sanely? (Research what actually happens in “gender reassignment” surgeries.)

My point is proved in that the “LGBT” community has one of the highest mental disorder/depression/suicide rates of anyone. Grotesquely, this is often blamed on people’s not accepting them. Using that logic, Bible-believing Christians should be the most depressive, suicidal nuts of all, because no one is less accepted than us.

The Constitution? No. The founding fathers never intended the Constitution to be used to give the “LGBTs” the rights they’re demanding. In fact, based on everything I’ve found they said on the subject, they thought they should be harshly punished for their sins. Research it!

God? Resoundingly, No! God did and does indeed create people “male and female,” both physically and spiritually. He has only wrath for those who attempt to subvert this law (Genesis 19, Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

So what law? I don’t know, but whatever law they’re talking about, it would, if weighed against the authority of the three laws I’ve discussed, be found illegal and illegitimate, while Judge Graves’ rulings would stand.

The Phoenix further said Graves should leave his Christian beliefs outside his chamber. Wow. They don’t seem to understand that a Christian who could do that wouldn’t be a Christian at all. Would the Phoenix write an editorial asking these “transgenders” or these dictatorial judges who are thumbing their noses at God, the Constitution and the voters by cramming sodomite “marriage” down our throats to ignore their humanistic beliefs? Doubtful!


Fort Gibson