, Muskogee, OK

May 1, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Council should stop studying, start working

— When a business opens, in order to be successful they must provide goods and services that a customer desires, at a price that the customer can afford.

To be successful, the business must advertise to potential customers about their business.

People shop where they choose because of this.

Most only go out of town because they are unable to find those items locally.

Our city now wants to take a mere million dollars from the City of Muskogee Foundation to “educate us” about why we should shop locally.

Haven’t we been doing that campaign for years now?

The Muskogee Foundation was set up as a source of revenue for the community to help with areas for which no money was available, but a need was present.

They have funded parks, aided our schools, public transportation, health and wellness programs, as well as after-school and summer programs for our youth.

If the city gets their wish, they will take money from these areas to put in an “educational blitz.”

This awesome idea came from yet another STUDY.

Maybe we should stop studying and start working.

Stop wasting money on studies. Provide for community protection and fix the streets.

Let the Foundation continue to fund programs which may help decrease our crime rate and increase our graduation rate, as well as the quality of life in Muskogee.

Increases in the quality of life and earning potential will allow people to have more money for goods and services.

If these things are accomplished, maybe a single QuikTrip coming to town will not be the greatest accomplishment ever.