, Muskogee, OK

January 21, 2013

City schools show their character

— Every student, parent and staff member associated with the Rougher Alternative Academy should be proud of the school being selected as a State School of Character.

Hilldale Middle School should take a well-deserved bow as well for receiving honorable mention by the Character Council of Central Oklahoma.

RAA is eligible to be selected a National School of Character by the Character Education Partnership.

These are no small accomplishments by RAA and Hilldale Middle School.

RAA Principal Larry Sholes said, “A lot of people say an alternative school cannot be honored like this.”

Sholes thanked  students and staff for their continued commitment.

“We are committed to educating the whole student,” he said. “Academics is one part, but social skills are equally important.”

Academy counselor Shirley Morgan-Glenn said character education plays a key role in the school’s program.

“Often when they go to the animal shelter or a nursing home, they understand they have something to offer,” Glenn said. “And that is more lasting than an external reward.”

Hilldale Middle School students show their character through a peer mediation program.

Peer mediation works to help stop bullying at the school, Hilldale counselor Tracy Fenton said.

“It is certainly an honor. I am proud of what we do to make Hilldale a great school,” Fenton said.

Everyone involved with RAA and Hilldale Middle School should be proud.