, Muskogee, OK

February 14, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — It’s un-American to tax the rich like we do

— I noticed in Mr. Kesselring’s letter that his focus was on executives of large companies and their amount of pay. However, I did not see anything in this article about the pro athletes and their extravagant salaries, or the actors, and look at college coaches that make millions a year to coach 12 football games. Who supports these high salaries? The American people, that’s who.

I am sorry that Mr. Kesselring did not have the opportunities, maybe the ability, or the savvy to make millions. However, it is un-American to tax the wealthy like we do. Are we not supposed to be treated fairly and equitably?

So your tax rate is 4.2 percent and anyone making over $450,000 is taxed at 39 percent. What do you want from these people? They support social programs at a higher rate than Mr. Kesselring and it is not so much about the individual tax rates that are sending companies overseas, it is because in America they pay 35 percent corporate taxes whereas in other countries they pay about 20 percent. Do the math. If they move corporate offices overseas, then Mr. Kesselring it is more likely than not that those company officials also go overseas. Lower the corporate taxes and these companies will come back to America.

If my salary is $1 million then tell me why it is fair that the government and states take $650,000 of that? Did they earn it? It is because in America we rape the rich to keep your tax levels at 4.2 percent. People are envious of those that have more than they do.