, Muskogee, OK

August 14, 2013

State should help more in schools

— Hilldale Middle  School recently received a $75 thousand grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation for physical education.

Healthy living and building healthy habits in our children is a worthy pursuit.

Hilldale Middle School will use the  grant for new physical education equipment and the Fight the Good Fight on Fat program.

The fact that we have the foundation available makes Muskogee a better place to live.

The foundation should not have to award grants in areas where the state should provide funds.

This kind of financial support should be coming from the State Board of Education and the state Legislature.

Both entities should be making our children a bigger priority.

That means legislators must look at whatever makes sense to cut waste and put it back into our children’s futures.

There are too many school districts in the state.

State legislators should take a hard look at consolidating school districts.

Fewer school districts mean less administrative costs.

Those costs could go toward programs that benefit students more directly.

Granted, the state’s economy is not exactly robust.

Hopefully, when the economy takes an extended turn for the better, we should see more money flowing toward our school districts.

Until then, the Legislature should look at other ways to invest in our students.