, Muskogee, OK

June 25, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Letter-writer missing very important fact

— Where will Joshua Ashwood come up with his next subject? It’s anybody’s guess. He cannot seem to break out of that mold of ‘his way or no way at all.’ This time though he is advocating shoot first and ask questions later. The danger lies in shrouded, subtle hints of vigilantism, spelled with a capital “V.” That’s the stuff of old movies.

It’s also uncanny how he can pull a verse out of the Bible to back up his assertions. Here again he uses the influence of the printed word, thank you very much, of the latitude 1st Amendment affords him. He has stretched it about as far as he can without breaking it.

He is missing a very important fact and that is each person is born with the capability to think and use reason and not be an empty shell to be told how and what to think. That smacks of mechanical robots and the twilight zone. It almost sounds like the Phelps-based church in Topeka, Kansas. Going to an extreme will and at some point, break!