, Muskogee, OK

July 5, 2014

MLT, MLK start of big things

— Two cornerstones of the future of downtown Muskogee were set in place within one week.

Voters approved Proposition 2 on June 24. The proposition creates funds to build — among other things — a new Martin Luther King center on the north end of downtown.

One week later, supporters of a new Muskogee Little Theatre announced enough private funds had been secured.

That’s a full year earlier than expected and a tribute to those involved in the fundraising effort.

We are thrilled to hear these two bookend projects have been funded.

The new Muskogee Little Theatre is the cornerstone of a proposed cultural arts district encompassing the area around the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and the Three Rivers Museum.

It means that a vision of downtown Muskogee is coming into focus faster than we could have imagined.

We get how much anticipation residents of Oklahoma City must have felt when the first brick was placed in what is now Bricktown.

Every citizen of Muskogee should welcome these developments as a sign of things to come.

It gets even better when you combine this good news with the demolition of the Hunt’s and S.H. Kress buildings. It means that the north and south ends of a Fourth Street corridor are closer to construction and work is being completed to spruce up the middle of downtown, too.

It is so much easier to envision the finished painting once an artist makes the first brushstroke.

We can see the finished painting of downtown.

To see the hard work and vision of so many good people of Muskogee grow is extremely satisfying.

Our city is changing before our very eyes.

Enjoy the view.