, Muskogee, OK

June 27, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – Indian casinos changed nothing in health care

— Indian casinos improved nothing. Let’s start with the U.S. giving them $100 million, whew! Now lets move on to the casinos, that money was to improve health care, education and housing. I have been married to my wife of 32 years and every time she goes to W.W. Hastings and their doctors recommend a test or surgery it is sent to contract health for approval, well we always get the same answer, either it is not considered a medical need or they don’t have the funds.

Back in November of 2012 my wife was having a heart attack (we are both nurses), I was six blocks from MRMC or about one hour from Hastings. So I took her to MRMC. They started the clot buster meds, which Hastings is not certified to do so. I was told if I had taken her to Hastings she would have died before I got there. MRMC sent her by life flight to Tulsa. Now the Creek and Cherokee Nation state they will pay for emergency care if funds are there, but guess what, they never are. So my question is who is getting rich, someone is! My son can’t even have his nose fixed. Oh, and by the way, two months before my wife’s heart attack she went to Hastings emergency room complaining of chest pain. They asked her if she had been coughing and she said yes, they did a chest x-ray, diagnosed her with pleurisy and sent her home. I am not a doctor but chest pain, shortness of breath and coughing is a sign that you’re having problems with your heart.

I will bet you money that the Indian chiefs and counselors do not receive their medical care at an Indian hospital. Again $100 million U.S. tax dollars and all the money from the casinos is making a lot of people rich and the Indian people have to put up with substandard health care. Thirty-two years and nothing has changed!


Fort Gibson